TIP shabti , SC/118, 21th dynasty, 1000 BC
EUR 475


Prov.: Old Belgium collection, provenance provided to the purchaser.

This is one of the earliest models for an overseer. Note that the New Kingdom pieces were modelled in the dress of the daily living but that due to the change of beliefs in the functionality of the shabtis (becoming slaves of the owner) at the dawn of the 21th Dynasty the shabtis for the overseers changed too.

The piece is chipped as shown. Recent restoration of the faience made the glyphs permanent readable.

Khons, 'The navigator' or 'he who crosses the sky in a boat'. Khons rose to the ranks of the great gods when he was adopted by Amon and Mut. Mut was Amon-Ra's wife. When she had long been childless, Mut first adopted Mont, then Khons. It is with Khons as child that she entered the celebrated Theban triad of which Amon was chief. Source:Egyptian Mythology, Paul Hamly, 1965

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