Terms and conditions for selling on www.shabticollections.com

In principle everyone is allowed to sell shabtis on shabticollections, but must obey below Terms and Conditions:

1. Sellers will only sell shabtis on shabticollections after they have assured themselves to
the best of their abilities that the shabtis were not illegally exported out of Egypt, at
least were exported prior to 1983 and that the shabtis were not stolen.

2. Sellers will be honest and open with regard to repairs and restorations.

3. Sellers guarantee the authenticity of the objects they offer for sale. If the buyer can
demonstrate by any means that any public museum for Egyptian antiquities casts doubts about
the authenticity of the object (orally or verbally) the seller is obliged to accept the
shabti back for a full refund (minus shipping costs) after he has been granted one month to verify the claim of the buyer. This guarantee is limited to the purchase by buyer and can not be
transferred to future buyers. Buyer should provide seller with the name and contact
details of the museum specialist to evoke the obligation for a refund.

4. Seller will indemnify and hold harmless shabticollections and its webmaster for any claims relating to sales. Shabticollections and his webmaster can not be held liable for non payment of
buyers, typing errors on the website, incorrect dating of the shabtis or anything else
relating to website and the sales process.

5. Seller will pay a sales fee of 10% on the sales price agreed between buyer and seller with a minimum of EUR 50. Seller is obliged to transfer the sales fee within 30 days after the sale has been completed between seller and buyer.
If the shabtis are not sold within one year after uploading to the website, shabticollections retains the right to remove the shabtis from the website. If removed, the shabtis will only be placed back on the site after the sales fee has been transferred to shabticollections again.

6. Seller accepts that shabticollections retains the right not to accept the offer to place the   shabtis on www.shabticollections.com at any time for whatever reason. If so, the sales fee will not be due by seller. Sellers are therefore advised not to transfer any funds to shabticollections until approval by shabticollections.

7. Seller accepts that shabticollections retains the right to remove shabtis during the one-years placing period without prior notice and for whatever reason.

8. Seller accepts that copyrights upon providing photographs and text relating to the shabtis that are sold are transferred to shabticollections for an unlimited period of time, thus enabling shabticollections to include this information in the website and its database.

9. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Dutch law and the Dutch Court in The Hague will be the only court that will deal with any disputes in relation to these Terms and conditions.