TIP shabti, 21/22 dynasty, circa 1000-700 BC


General comments:
This shabti dates to the 21/22th dynasty, circa 1000-700 BC. This can be determined, a.o. by the hairband, which first appeared in the 21th dynasty. Based on the blue colour the shabti likely dates to the 21th dynasty.
The text on the shabti can not be clearly read. Only the eye of Osiris can be read, the rest is effected by what appears to be blackened by fire in the oven in antiquity. A Hr-head and the W-bird seem to be written down as well. No parallels are known to me.
A cheap shabti that can be nice study piece and a welcome addition to any shabti collection.

Condition: The feet are chipped, as well as some tiny chips on the rest of the shabti, especially in the face. The faience is best preserved on the back where it shows a wonderfull blue color. The front suffers from black encrustations.

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