Pa-di-w-imn, 21 dynasty, circa 1000 BC
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General comments:
This intriguing shabti dates to the 21th dynasty, circa 1000 BC. This can be determined, a.o. by the hairband, which first appeared in the 21th dynasty as well as the blue faience typical for the 21th dynasty, still well preserved on this shabti.
The shabti reads: The Osiris, <...>, Pa-di-w-Imn, true of voice. The name means something like: He, who has been given by (the God) Amun.
Interestingly, the name Pa-di-w-Imn appears several times in the list of Daressy as part of the so-called Second or High Priest cache of Deir El Bahri. Only one shabti with this name is traced back to Cache 2 (a pottery one, see Aubert Cache 2, nr. 15). Perhaps this is one of the shabtis from Cache 2 for one of the other owners. At least his name suggests a Theban origin (the temple of Amun is in Karnak).

Condition: Please note that the shabti has been broken in antiquity and was put together in recent times. The midsection of the shabti is missing and has been professionally restored. The shabti comes including the display standard as shown.

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