Bnw-?, Late Period, circa 600-350 BC
EUR 425

SC/14 SC/14
SC/14 SC/14

This pale blue Egyptian Faience Ushabti is represented in mummiform with a lappet (tripartite) wig, a hoe and pick and a back over the shoulder. A vertical front column register gives the name of the owner and his titles.

These are commonly known in the market as shabtis for Nes-Min. They are however for an individual perhaps named Ba(k) or Benu-? After the first publication of this shabti online as SC/14 another example has been published for the same owner by Stefan Decker.

Strangely so, the titles are bit mixed up on the shabtis of Bnw. The "Ulluminated" title which is usually the first title is preceded by the Godsfather title. On the many shabtis on the art market for this owner the titles are mixed up as well and in various order.

Dimension: 10,6 cm

Condition: Intact, faience turned green/brown at places.

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