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Cover of Hor

On this page you can find all publications of (c) consisting of detailed parallel studies to the shabtis of various owners free to download as PDF. All documents can also be used freely for research purposes, provided that reference is given.

Click on the link indicated in red with the name of the owner.

Pinedjem II, DB 320
Nesy-Khonsu, DB 320
Wah-ib-ra-mery-ptah (LP)
Djed-Ptah-iuf-Ankh, Prince, DB 320
Pa-Sen, Godsfather of Amun (Update 2013)
HOR , Priest of Amun, Son of HP Men- Kheper-Ra, Cache 2
Tent-Ipet, Priestes, Cache 2
Maat-ka-ra, Godswife and Princess, Cache 1, as published in GM