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On this page you will find the most recent additions to this website, starting from its launch on 23 August 2006.

The last couple of years I have done a lot of research on shabtis parallels , leading to various publications and my first book: Psamtek, son of Mery Neith. The majority of these publications will be added to the website.

Update 29 January 2017  
Publication of the overseer shabtis of Pinedjem II (Royal Cache)  
Update 14 January 2017  
Publication of the shabtis of Nesy-Khonsu (Royal Cache)  
Update 8 January 2017  
Publication of the shabtis of Wah-ib-ra-mery-ptah  
Update 9 Februry 2014  
Update of Pa-Sen publication  
Update 8 July 2011  
Book review: The Shabti collections - 2 (Warrington)  
Update 27 February 2011  
SC/144, Prince and HPA Hor-Nakht (Tanis royal of 22nd Dyn.)  
Update 12 February 2011  
SC/143, Isetemkhebi (cache 2 overseer)  
Update 28 November 2010  
SC/142: Un-djebau-en-djed (rare bronze shabti from Tanis)  
Update 12 September 2010  
Book review of: The shabti collections part 1  
Update 31 July 2010  
Publication of parallel study for Djed-Ptah-if-Ankh (DB320)  
Update 3 July 2010  
SC/141, Nefer-Ib-Ra-Sa-Neith (Late Period shabti)  
Update 24 May 2010  
Shabtis for sale (some new pieces added)  
Update 13 May 2010  
SC/140, Bak-Wer (blue faience version of known NK shabti)  
Update 5 April 2010  
SC/139, Pa-Khered-(en)-Iset (large 22th Dynasty)  
Update 16 March 2010  
SC/138, Ta-yu-heret (royal cache)  
Update 6 February 2010  
SC/137 (rare yellow faience amulet)  
Update 30 December 2009  
SC/136, Ii-mi-Seba (Intriguing TIP overseer)  
Update 6 December 2009  
SC/135, Iset-em-Khebi (Royal Cache)  
Update 15 November 2009  
Shabtis for sale (Rare book of Aubert from 1974 is added)  
Update 7 November 2009  
Publication of Pa-Sen (All known shabtis of this unknown Priest)  
Update 18 October 2009  
Shabtis for sale (some new shabtis added to the shabtis for sale section!)  
Update 4 October 2009  
SC/134, Tjai-ne-hebu (Admiral, 26th Dynasty)  
Update 24 August 2009  
SC/133, HP Pinedjem II (Royal Cache)  
Update 19 July 2009  
SC/132, Queen Henut-Tawy (Royal Cache)  
Update 8 July 2009  
Publication of the shabtis of Maat-ka-ra in Gottinger Miszellen. A detailed overview of her shabtis will be seperately on this site soon.  
Update 7 June 2009  
SC/131, Petamenope (25th Dynasty)  
Update 9 May 2009  
SC/130, Nesi-Mut (TIP)  
Update 4 April 2009  
SC/129 (Late Period)  
Update 15 February 2009  
SC/128, Karo (New Kingdom)  
Update 18 January 2009  
SC/127, Tent-Shed-Khonsu (cache 2)  
Update 1 January 2009  
SC/126, Wa-w(a)-Wer, Late Period  
Update 21 December 2008  
SC/125, King Achnaton, the famous pharao, a rare fragment,  
published for the first time from all sides in colour.  
Update 7 December 2008  
SC/124, Psusennes I, another rare faience royal shabti  
Update 9 November 2008  
SC/123, Takelot I, fragment of a rare royal shabti  
Update 12 October 2008  
Publication of the shabtis of the lady Tent-Ipet  
Update 14 September 2008  
Publication of the shabtis of the Priest of Amun, Hor  
Update 17 August 2008  
Shabtis for sale , a large group of shabtis added to this section  
Update 3 August 2008  
SC/122, Bak-Wer , same owner as SC/120  
Update 21 July 2008  
SC/121, User-hat, 21th Dynasty shabti unpublished  
Update 6 July 2008  
SC/120, Ba(k)-Wer, 19/20th dynasty white faience shabti  
Update 12 June 2008  
Shabti book review: Speleers: Les figurines Funeraires Egyptiennes (1923)  
Update 17 May 2008 (new shabtis added shortly!)  
Shabti book review: Bovot: Chauoabtis (2003)  
Update 20 April 2008  
SC/119, Djed-Mut  
Update 6 April 2008  
SC/118, Khonsu-Pa-Chered  
Update 24 March 2008  
SC/117, Ankh-Hor (26th Dynasty shabti from Thebes)  
Update 8 March 2008  
SC/116, Hor-em-Heb (25th Dynasty shabti)  
Update 23 February 2007  
SC/115, Pa-di-Pepet (26th Dynasty shabti from Saqquara)  
Update 13 February 2008  
SC/114, Her-Webkhet (cache 2 overseer shabti with royal beard)  
Update 3 February 2008  
SC/113, Tent-Ipet (rare Cache 2 shabti)  
Update 27 January 2008  
Shabti Book reviews: Schlogl/Brodbeck 1990 ( rating of 5 shabtis!)  
Update 19 January 2008  
SC/112, Amen-Irdis (Late Period shabti)  
Update 7 Januari 2008  
SC/111, Amen-Heru (New Kingdom shabti with rare hieratic inscription)  
Update 1 January 2008 (Happy New Year!)  
Shabti Book reviews: Ouchebtis de deir el-medineh, Valbelle 1972 (rare book on shabtis found in Deir el Medina)  
Update 24 December 2007  

Shabtis for sale (A new shabti added and some reduced prices for

Update 6 December 2007  
SC/110, Pa-di-Neb-Wen (Late Period shabti)  
Update 25 November 2007  
SC/109, Iahirdis (high quality Late Period shabti)  
Update 21 November 2007  
Shabti book review: Uschebti: - agyptische Dienerfiguren einer deutschen Privatsammlung (new shabti book)  
Update 14 November 2007  
SC/108, Psamtek (LP shabti unpublished)  
Update 4 November 2007  
Shabti book review: Mere Scraps of Rough Wood? (Stick Shabtis)  
Update 29 October 2007  
SC/107, Pa-di-Mekhet (TIP shabti)  
Update 22 October 2007  
SC/106, Amenemope (TIP shabti, TT 10)  
Update 15 October 2007  
SC/105, Henuttawy (TIP shabti, possibly Cache 2)  
Update 7 October 2007  
SC/104, Nes-Amen (TIP overseer)  
Update 3 October 2007  
Winner shabti quiz!  
Update 19 September 2007  
Shabtis for sale (new NK addition)  
Update 17 September 2007  
Shabtis for sale (new addition, more to follow later this week)  
Update 9 September 2007  
SC/103, P(a)-Shery-(en)-ta-ihet (LP shabti of a priest)  
Update 8 September 2007  
SC/95, Yaj (updated with new information and parallelpage)  
Update 1 September 2007  
SC/102, Ankh-Khonsu (little TIP worker)  
Update 26 August 2007  
SC/101, Ankh-Khonsu (little TIP overseer)  
Update 16 August 2007  

Quiz! To celebrate 100 shabtis in SC, win a Schlogl-book!

Update 12 August 2007  
SC/100, Maat-Ka-Ra (Royal Cache shabti)  
Update 5 August 2007  
SC/99, Djed-MaAt-iw-es-Ankh (pottery Cache 2)  
Update 29 July 2007  
SC/98, Amen-niwt-Nakht (pottery Cache 2)  
Update 21 July 2007  
SC/97, Pa-di-Amen (pottery Cache 2)  
Update 18 July 2007  
Shabtis for Sale (updated including a new shabti for sale)  
Update 15 July 2007  
SC/96, Shed-Su-Hor (Cache 2)  
Update 8 July 2007  
SC/95, Pahapy (Early New Kingdom faience shabti, unpublished)  
SC/4, Nes-Amun (updated with new parallel and provenance info)  
Update 4 July 2007  
Shabtis for Sale (new shabtis added to the sales section including the highly collectable cache 2 shabtis, more to follow next week)  
Update 1 July 2007  
Shabti books review : Les serviteurs funeraires royaux et princiers de l'Ancienne Egypte  
SC/94 (update with parallel found)  
Update 16 June 2007  
SC/94 (New Kingdom faience shabti of the 19th Dynasty  
Shabtis for sale (SC/94 is also for sale)  
Update 14 June 2007  

Shabtis for sale (some new shabtis added to the "shabtis for sale" section, more will follow the coming weeks).

Update 11 June 2007  
SC/93, Ankh-n-Ptah (TIP shabti with unusual title and features)  
Update 2 June 2007  
SC/92, Pa-Kharu (Cache 2 shabti)  
Update 26 May 2007  
SC/91, Horemheb (Late Period, blue frit shabti)  
Links (some new links added to website with a lot of shabti information)  
Update 20 May 2007  
SC/90, Tjay-n-hbw-Aa (TIP, blue washed pottery shabti)  
Update 12 May 2007  
Shabtis for sale update: Pa-Sen for sale  
Update 10 May 2007  
SC/89, Nesi-pa-hor-an (Cache 2 shabti)  
Update 4 May 2007  
SC/88 (New Kingdom rare pottery overseer)  
Update 25 April 2007  
Shabtis for sale (some new pieces added to the for sale section!)  
Update 21 April 2007  
SC/87, Hor-(em)-Khebi, (30th Dynasty shabti)  
Update 14 April 2007  
SC/86, Ihy (small New Kingdom shabti for a Priest of Bastet)  
Update 9 April 2007  
SC/85 (rare New Kingdom overseer)  
Update 2 April 2007  
Cache 2 (Revised overview page)  
Update 26 March 2007  
Changes shabtis for sale (serious discount on General Pa-Khaas)  
Update 22 March 2007  
SC/84, Khony (White faience 19th dynasty shabti)  
Update 15 March 2007  
Cache 2 (update with pictures courtesy of Glenn Janes to nearly complete the entire cache 2 overview).  
Update 10 March 2007  
SC/83 (rare 20th dynasty albast "contour perdu" shabti)  
Update 2 March 2007  
SC/82, Nes-ta-hi (22th dynasty shabti, unpublished)  
Update 25 February 2007  
SC/81, Hor-Ankh (Late Period, T-band for a Sameref-Priest)  
Update 18 February 2007  
SC/80, Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu (Cache 2 pottery shabti)  
Update 9 February 2007  
SC/79, Heka-em-Saf (LP shabti of superb quality)  
Update 6 February 2007  
Book review of: Shabtis, Hans D. Schneider (published 1977)  
Update 25 January 2007  
SC/78 (New Kingdom wooden shabti)  
Update 21 January 2007  
Nesi-per-Nub, SC/77 (important Cache 2 shabti)  
Update 14 January 2007  

Book review of: Funerary Statuettes and Model Sarcophagi,
Percy E. Newberry, Cairo, 1957

Update 10 January 2007  
Ta-Shed-?, SC/76 (faience TIP shabti)  
Update 6 January 2007  
King Psusennes I, SC/75 (important royal TIP shabti)  
Update 25 December  
M-?, SC/74 (faience TIP shabti)  
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Update 16 December  
Tjay-n-hbw-Aa, SC/73 (blue washed pottery shabti)  
Update 6 December  
New Kingdom shabti, SC/72 (large uninscribed wooden shabti)  
Update 5 December  
Pa-Chaas, SC/7 (updated version, name of mother determined)  
Update 2 December  
Pa-Sen, SC/71  
Update 26 November  
Gaut-Seshenu, SC/70 (A, Cache 2)  
Update 19 November  
Her-webkhet, SC/69 (cache 2)  
Update 12 November  
NK shabti, SC/68  
Update 5 November  
In-pH-neHet, SC/67  
Horudja, SC/ 39 (added information)  
Update 30 October  
Pa-n-nswt-tawy, SC/66  
Update 29 October  
Schlogl, Hermann A.: Die agyptischen Totenfiguren, Katalog aus den sammlungen des national Museums in Poznan  
Update 27 October 2006  
Aubert, Jacques F. and Aubert, Liliane: Statuettes Funeraires Egyptiennes, du departement des Monnaies, Medailles et Antiques  
Update 26 October 2006  
Aubert, Jacques F. and Aubert, Liliane: Statuettes Egyptiennes, chaouabtis, ouchebtis  
Update 19 October 2006  




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