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Shabti database info:
The Osiris, The Godsfather of Amen
H: 6.4 CM, W: 2.5 CM, D: 1.0 CM
Pottery, face colour of the terracotta, rest painted white (?) with black details
Text: The Osiris, The Godsfather of Amen, (Amen)-niwt-Nakht, justified
R-R 29.12
Deir-el Bahri, Cache 2
Schneider code 4.5.1.
Preservation Intact, wear to the paint at places

Further provenance: Ex-Royal Athena Gallery.

The shabti for this important priest of Thebes are remarkably tiny, even for the period. They originate from Cache 2 and are clearly the smallest shabti as recorded in the Cache. This owner was according to the titles on most of his shabtis a Godsfather of Amen. Based on his shabti box, his further titles include: Master of Secrets of Amen (involved in the mummification proces), Chiseller of the Estate of Amen, Chief Wab-Priest, Wab-Priest of the House of Anubis and Chamberlain of Amen, Mut and Khonsu.

Parallels can be found in many musea and private collections, see for a recent overview and 10 examples of the E. Brugsch: G. Janes, 35-a-j as well as four examples in the Aubert collection as mentioned in Aubert Cache 2 nr. 4. These examples carry two of the other titles of this owner.


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