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The Osiris, the Lady of the House, the Chantress of Amun
H: 6.9 CM, W: 3.3 CM, D: 2.4 CM
Blue-washed pottery; details and inscription in black
Text: The Osiris, the Lady of the House, the Chantress of Amun
R-R 179.15
Unknown, like Deir El Bahri Cache 2
Schneider code 4.5.1.
Preservation Upper body fragment; blue paint has flaked off in certain areas

Provenance: Ex-Dr. Ulrich Müller Collection, Zurich, published in: Schlögl, H. and Brodbeck, A. “Ägyptische Totenfiguren aus Öffentlichen und Privaten Sammlugen der Schweiz”, 1990. The shabti was published in this study as *150w Totenfigur für Nes-ta-neb-ischeru (Fragment) ZP I 22*. Further examples in the same book.
Other parallels in Budapest, Cracow, and Leiden. See ARAUJO, p.413. Coffin in Florence (found at Bab el-Gasus, 1891 –DARESSY A. 20; NIWINSKI, Coffins, no. 191). Although it seems logical to add this shabti to the Cache 2 list, Aubert and other have not specifically referred these shabtis as Cache 2, therefore SC/53 is not included in the Cache 2 list.
The shabti is interesting due its nice preserved blue washed pottery (which is usually eroded).


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