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The Osiris, the Priest of Amon Ra King of the Gods, Master of Secrets, Chief Draughtsmen of the temple of Amun
H: 10.8 CM, W: 3.8 CM, D: 3.1 CM
Text: See comments section
R-R 27.18
Dra Abu el-Naga
Schneider code 4.3.1.
Preservation Good, chips to nose, bottom feet and wig, encrustation wig

Prov. Hugh Stanley Russell collection, sold Bonhams October 2005.
The shabtis of this owner are well published but still every shabti remains interesting due to the slight variations of the text, which is the unusual Chapter 5 of the book of dead. The text of this shabti reads: 1) The Osiris, the Priest of Amon Ra King of the Gods, 2) Master of Secrets, Chief draughtsmen of the temple of Amon 3) Amonemope (Imn-m-Ipt), true of voice, he speaks: 4) I am one who seeks, I am the weary one, 5) who has come for from Hermopolis, I live 6) upon the Besek 7) heart of the Baboon 8) Great (thus the Great Baboon a possible reference to Toth). The text on the arms reads: "Priest of Amon" on the left arm and on the other one partly illegible Amon, possibly Amonemope.
For a full reference see Glenn Janes, Shabtis in a private view nr. 33. In addition I note that further examples are in Brussels, see Araujo page 572 as well as SC/58.


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