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Name: Shabtis
Author: Hans D. Schneider
First published: 1977, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden
Amount of pages: Vol. 1: 366, Vol. 2: 254, Vol. 3: approx. 90 plates
ISBN: unknown
Average price: EUR 1,000 for the three volumes
Availability: Extremely rare
Language: English

Content: General description of shabtis as well as the shabtis in Leiden, the Netherlands.
Schneider bookcover  

This is for all shabti interested, dealers, museum curators and so on without a doubt described as the best book on shabtis. It is also the rarest book to find.

It was written by Prof. Hans D. Schneider and published in 1977 in a limited amount of copies. Unfortunately no reprint is ever made. Prof. Schneider informed me that a reprint will not be made because he feels it requires an update on the references in the book before a reprint is made. Even so, this book remains the best shabti book ever made. The first volume gives a very good description of the shabti concept and also provides a good study on Chapter Six as often found on ushabtis.

The second volume describes the huge amount of shabtis in the Leiden museum (many hundreds) and the typology used by him is followed by many others, and also forms the basis of this website.

Finally the third volume consists of plates with many of the shabtis from all four sides which is also rare for most books on shabtis.


A must have for everyone interested in ancient egypt! If you ever find one, do not hesitate to buy it. Copies of some volumes circulate which can be temporarily alternative.