Funerary Statuettes and Model Sarcophagi

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Name: Catalogue General, Antiquites Egyptiennes du Musee de Cairo, Funerary Statuettes and Model sarcophagi
Author: Percy E. Newberry
First published: 1957
Amount of pages: Vol. 1, approx. 360, Vol. 2, approx. 180, Vol. 3 approx. 55
Average price: EUR 300 per volume
Availability: Extremely rare
Language: French

Content: Description of shabtis in the Cairo Museum
Book cover Newberry  

The Cairo museum has the best Egyptian collection in the world, hence the best collection of shabtis too. This three volume book of Newberry is therefore very important. The first two volumes provide for a description of all the shabtis with their catalogue number (at that time, unfortunately not corresponding with the current numbers in the museum). The third volume is the best one cause it contains B&W plates of a (selection of) the shabtis in the first volumes and it contains the index, which is quite handy if you have the other volumes.

Unfortunately, this book is extremely rare. Especially volume 1, which I find quite strange, cause I would expect the third volume to be the most desired one. Perhaps more copies of the third volume were made.


A must have for every shabti collector. Extremely rare unfortunately.