Uschebti, Arbeiter im Agyptischen Totenreich

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Name: Uschebti, Arbeiter im Agyptischen Totenreich
Author: Schlogl, Hermann A. and Meves-Schlogl, Christa
First published: 1993, Harrassowitz
Amount of pages: 77
ISBN: 3447033576
Average price: around EUR 50 - EUR 75
Availability: Good
Language: German

Content: Privately owned shabtis.
Cover Uschebti  

This third book on ushabtis by Hermann Schlogl, this time together with Christa Meves-Schlogl, follows Schlogls first masterpiece: "Ägyptische Totenfiguren aus öffentlichen und privaten Sammlungen der Schweiz" from 1990.

Unfortunately, the amount of shabtis covered this time is limited, only 24 shabtis. On the other hand, the shabtis that are in the book are well pictured (B&W) from all sides and carefully described as always by Mr. Schlogl. Furthermore, it is a nice selection covering all periods of shabtis which makes it a nice contribution to hardcore shabtis collectors' book collection.

The book is still easy available on the book market, unlike the other books of Mr. Schlogl.


Worthwile for serious shabti collectors and due to its availability, reasonable price and providing a good overview even recommendable for general interested.