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Name: Corpus Antiquitatum Aegyptiacarum Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Author: Reiser-Haslauer, Elfriede
First published: 1990, Philipp von Zabern
Amount of pages: 157 (part 5) and 147 (part 8)
ISBN: 3-8053-1155-9 (part 5) ISBN 3-8053-1290-3 (part 8)
Average price: around EUR 100
Availability: Rare
Language: German

Content: Shabtis in Vienna, Austria Museum up to and including TIP
Cover CAA Vienna  

The CAA series is an early attempt to fully document all items in a specific area from museum collections. It started in the 1980's and lasted till the mid 1990's. Then funds ran up and it is my understanding that unfortunately the project will not be finished.

This CAA deals with the New Kingdom (part 5) and Third Intermediate (part 8) of the shabtis of Vienna. The CAA items are always well described and this volume is no exception. The photo's are, as always in this series, B&W. However, as a bonus some pages where later added in colour.

The CAA is a loose leaflet series, which I thoroughly dislike. Its very unhandy to tumble through the pages. My suggestion would be to buy something where you can add the loose pages in.


CAA's are a must have for die-hard shabti collectors. Its a wealth of information and good documented. Due to the B&W photo's and the loose page it is rated with only 4 shabtis. Otherwise 5 would be deserved!
Not recommendable to the average Egypt enthusiastic.