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Here you will find favourite links to websites that relate to shabtis and shabti dealers.  
Reliable shabtidealers  
Bron from Collector Antiquities
Henk Dijkstra from Anubis Ancient Art
Theodore Brockweber and Tom Wegener
Rolf Kiaer from Helios Gallery
Sue MacGovern from Sands of Times Antiquities
James Ede of Charles Ede
Mark Goodstein of Explorer Ancient Arts
Websites with shabtis  
Dik van Bommel's website with an excellent introduction to shabtis
Glenn Janes' site where you can see more about his various book publications
Virtual museum with lots of shabtis
An overview of the collection of several large museums can be found at the Global museum website
Website with Russian shabtis including lots of information about TT 320 (Royal Cache)
Other related websites  
Learning to read hieroglyphs in Dutch by Huub Pragt
Good quality replica's of Egyptian art, in a stone and bricks and internet based gallery in the Netherlands